With keen eyesight and expert airmanship, dragonflies and damselflies easily outmaneuver and catch insect prey. Their four gossamer wings move independently of one another, giving them the ability to fly forward, backward, and sideways, or to just hover in place. Bead-like eyes provide —degree stereovision, allowing them the ability to spot insects in any direction without turning or moving their heads. Dragonflies and damselflies, though similar in their life cycle and appearance, fly differently. What do dragonflies eat? Their diet includes midges, moths, flies, and other flying insects. Unfortunately, they also sometimes eat butterflies. Their role as barometers of wetland health is also very important. In order to survive, odonate larvae need clean, well-oxygenated water.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: Damselflies suborder Zygoptera are sometimes also called dragonflies in that both are odonates order Odonata. Ross Distinguishing characteristics and flight behaviour Dragonfly species Anisoptera are characterized by long bodies with two narrow pairs of intricately veined, membranous wings that, while generally transparent, may have coloured markings.

Unlike damselflies, the front and rear wing pairs are shaped differently. In addition, dragonflies rest with their wings spread horizontally, rather than held vertically against each other with the exception of one very small family, Epiophlebiidae. Dragonflies have a more powerful build and are generally much stronger fliers than damselflies.

Dragonfly ID pages As an aid to the field identification of dragonflies I’m offering plates for each species for download. On the ID pages only you are welcome to download for personal use on an ipod, iphone, ipad or any tablet.

Thousands of insects look a lot like other insects, many mimicking stinging, biting, or poisonous insects for protection. This is a fly: A fly, specifically a cactus fly Copestylum isabellina There are several things to look for to determine whether something is a fly or not. As is so frequently the case in biology, the name tells you a lot about the insects within the order.

The prefix di- means two and -ptera refers to wings. Thus the order Diptera contains insects with two wings, the defining characteristic of the group. Most insects with a few non-fly exceptions, including the bizarre order Strepsiptera and some scale insects have four wings in the winged stage. Some insects, like the bees and some butterflies, have special structures that hold the fore and hind wings together so that they can look like they only have two wings at first glance tricky!

Instead, they have these little knobby things: Briefly, the halteres are remnants of the hind wings in flies and act as gyroscopic organs to tell flies how they are positioned in the air as they fly. The halteres are likely the reason flies have such amazing control over their flight.

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Tattoo Meanings Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning The dragonfly is one of the more versatile insects in nature, being at home both in the air and in the water at different stages of life. Being rich in meaning and considered important symbols in many cultures throughout the world, the significance of dragonflies makes them a popular choice for tattoos. So what exactly does the dragonfly symbolize? Dragonfly Symbolism In Nature Because dragonflies go through a transformation similar to butterflies, they are often linked with metamorphosis.

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Explore the Network Some birders travel to new places, even far-off countries, to add to their life lists. Others might swap their avian field guides for new quests. Or, like Thomas Cullen, dragonflies. He noticed swarms of dragonflies flying along the same coastal migration path as the birds of prey. Thousands of green darners head south en masse in the fall, covering up to miles in a day.

Hawks, particularly American kestrels, follow along and dine on dragons as night falls. Trained as an entomologist, Cullen was accustomed to identifying insects under a microscope—fine for work but not to his liking for a hobby. The survey turned up five species never before recorded in the state, including the broad-tailed shadowdragon—an elusive creature that flies at dusk over fast-running rivers. See this article’s accompanying photo gallery Similar surveys are taking place across the country as ecologists recognize that the colorful insects are excellent barometers of environmental health.

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The security giant claimed the Dragonfly threat group is behind the new round of attacks, ongoing since December Emails with content specific to the energy sector were designed to socially engineer the recipients into opening a malicious attachment. Watering hole attacks were also used to harvest credentials, with the hackers booby-trapping sites likely to be visited by energy sector workers.

Goodor was installed on their machine via PowerShell 11 days later. Dorshel was delivered as a Trojanized version of standard Windows applications.

With Dragonfly tours you will find the perfect solution for your itinerary in every season. UNESCO World Heritage Site since Madre and the Castello di Venere, surrounded by a wonderful English garden. In Segesta you will visit the Temple, dating back to the 5th century BC, a .

They posses simple metamorphosis, with the aquatic larva or naiad crawling out the water, releasing the winged adult from its skin. But in the case of the dragonfly, its importance symbolically was probably due less to this dramatic transformation than the fact that this fierce predator was so swift and capable of rapid directional changes, having four independently moving wings.

Thus Native Americans equate it to the whirlwind, swiftness and activity; it was regarded as a spirit helper in warfare for Plains Indians, who used its image on shirts and is also used in the jewelry of the Navajo and Zuni. Anyone observing these life stages would make the association with rebirth, resurrection, immortality and longevity, as had Chinese and Mycenaean Greeks. Butterfly motifs can be found in Mycenaean and Hellenistic adornment.

Egyptians incorporated the butterfly in their jewelry but the symbolism is not known.

Cartier Collection dragonfly clip brooch dating from 1953

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Its like cooking from scratch — using whole foods and no canned ingredients. Jewelry by Algonquin artist Mike Schmaltz is not only handmade but beautiful and unique. Michael Poole Schmaltz started making jewelry full time in He learned jewelry through making many mistakes and learning what not to do. He picked up some valuable tips by watching a few master Zuni silversmiths who were more than willing to share.

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