Its success prompted Hollywood to convert from silent to sound film production en masse. However, its hopes of joining in the anticipated boom in sound movies faced a major hurdle: Negotiations resulted in General Electric acquiring a substantial interest in FBO—Sarnoff had apparently already conceived of a plan for the company to attain a central position in the film industry, maximizing Photophone revenue. Next on the agenda was securing a string of exhibition venues like those the leading Hollywood production companies owned. Kennedy began investigating the possibility of such a purchase. Around that time, the large Keith-Albee-Orpheum KAO circuit of theaters, built around the then-fading medium of live vaudeville , was attempting a transition to the movie business. De Mille had united under KAO’s control. This was the relationship Sarnoff and Kennedy sought. The new company’s two initial releases were musicals: This was billed as RKO’s first “official” production and its first to be shot in Hollywood.

Miranda Kerr

Vanessa Hudgens Deals with a Cold She co-stars in the psychological thriller as Cindy, a teenage prostitute who manages to escape the clutches of a serial killer but has a tough time convincing authorities she was bound, raped and nearly whisked away to the Alaskan wilderness to be killed. That is, until a thoughtful and tenacious state trooper Nicolas Cage takes it upon himself to trap the killer John Cusack. The film is based on the real life case involving Cindy Paulson, a teenage prostitute who escaped serial killer Robert C.

Hansen in the early s, and helped officers track him down and arrest him.

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She has a brother, Matthew, who is two years younger. In an interview, Kerr stated that her ancestry is mostly English, with smaller amounts of Scottish and French. She describes her early life in the Australian countryside as “very grounding You could just be you. She graduated from All Hallows’ School in Kerr studied nutrition and health psychology before pursuing modelling. She was flown to Sydney a week before her 14th birthday to shoot for the magazine.

Upon Kerr’s win, local media expressed “concerned outrage” at her young age. The controversy raised concerns about the glorification of young girls within the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. Of the press, Kerr said: Dolly is a magazine for teenage girls, not for old men.

RKO Pictures

The estate sits on 2. It basically covers an entire block. Our sources say Ryan is paying within a couple of million dollars of the asking price. The deal is in escrow and it will close this week. One realtor — Kurt Rappaport — repped both Ryan and Ellen in the deal

Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens in Venice Beach (11/26) Vanessa Hudgens is now dating Austin Butler, a model and actor who’s appeared on shows like Zoey , Ruby & The Rockits, and Life Unexpected.

She got her first gig when her friend could not go to an audition for a commercial and asked if Vanessa could go. Enjoys singing just as much as dancing and acting. Her favorite kind of music is rock music. Is a huge fan of horror movies. Is a huge fan of the late Natalie Wood. She appeared alongside Brady Corbet in both her first two films, Thirteen and Thunderbirds Best known for portraying the role of Gabriella Montez in High School Musical and its related sequels.

Was chosen to be a member of the blue team in DC games held in the summer of She has been home-schooled since the seventh grade. She has already graduated from high school. At one point, she planned to audition for American Idol Her song “Whatever Will Be” is really a song that reflects on her motto.


The daughter of a firefighter, she California native was a natural performer ever since she was a young girl. At the age of fourteen, she made her official acting debut in an episode of the sitcom, Still Standing. How did she go about earning that amount? Growing up, the brunette had always shown an interest in performing.

Vanessa Hudgens Admits Dating Zac Efron Made Her “Mean”. Read it. Vanessa Hudgens Admits Dating Zac Efron Made Her “Mean” On my list as of now See more. Oscar Parties: Vanity Fair, Governors Ball, Elton John. Miley (and Liam).

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Splash Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email In the few short years after she first rubbed shoulders with the wealthy, Vanessa Hudgens has it all. From being the poor girl in the rich kids’ acting school, the year-old star of hit movie High School Musical has outstripped all her old classmates. Beautiful, talented and dating squeakyclean hunk Zac Efron, Vanessa seems destined to be a sparkling Disney star.

I don’t think her parents even had a car. They lived in a small place. It was pretty humble. Her mum was a cleaning lady whereas most kids at school had their own cleaning ladies. Vanessa always wore cheaper clothes, but she looked just as good as everyone else. And from her old classmates there is envy and dislike, instead of admiration. A former manager even claims that on landing her first major Hollywood role, Vanessa cut ties with those responsible for her rapid rise to stardom.

Music producer Johnny Vieira worked closely with the star and her family before High School Musical came along.

The Kid in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’: ‘Memba Him?!

If a guy is such hot and attractive then how he can control his self to date and to romance with girls that is why here we are with dating life details of this actor. In upcoming year who is Zac Efron expected to Married? As well the current girlfriend he is dating now at the moment in !

RKO Pictures is an American film production and distribution company. In its original incarnation, as RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. (a subsidiary of Radio-Keith-Orpheum, aka: RKO) it was one of the Big Five studios of Hollywood’s Golden business was formed after the Keith-Albee-Orpheum (KAO) theater chain and Joseph P. Kennedy’s Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) studio were brought.

Seriously, can you even remember the last time you saw her in anything? When she got the role on High School Musical, it must have felt like her big shot in Hollywood and it really was, but not much has happened since then. She spent three years working on the franchise and even scored a super hot boyfriend out of the deal as well.

At the time she was on top of the world. After the franchise ended, she lost the fame as well as the hot boyfriend. The first thing she tried to do was to shake off her good girl image so that she would not be typecast in the High School Musical role of Gabriella Montez. She seemed to do that successfully when she starred alongside James Franco in the Spring Breakers.

Unfortunately, she seemed to go right back to that good girl role in Journey 2: She may be yet another Disney star that fades away into obscurity.

Vanessa Hudgens Pics

Think you have an idea of what she’s really like? Get ready for more nude picture scandals than any other celeb out there, beginning when she was underage and not legal, if you know what we mean. Yes, our Vanessa, big time. Get ready for 15 shady secrets that prove the Vanessa Hudgens you think you know is not the real Vanessa Hudgens.

In a word—a momager.

HYDROPATH / Vanessa hudgens dating drake Billboard music awards, he accepted a shout-out as zanessa, hudgens rapping is. Yes people, who is a cute flirtation going on 27th june, including the

The cutest couple around right now. Church , this one is a real keeper. Judge not lest ye be judged. I am sick and tired of his fans coming to her posting……. I love everything about her, amy: I think it was right behavior that she broke up with Zac…He goes strip club and behave low-grade with girls http: I went this same route, we went to church together before the wedding, look for marriage plans coming soon, to get the church for a wedding , have to be a member………..

She is just using handsome boys and playing with their motions biker mike Sunny, did you forget vanessa dated costar Josh Hutcherson from Journey 2 sunny biker mike she didnt date him, that was a fling in my opinion. You guys should really just shut up. Why does it matter whether they look at the camera or not? Is it really something to get blamed for? Vanessa will always be pinned to that sad mistake that was stolen from her sad but she is growing into a gracefull young adult.

How can people walk in those shoes with out falling down and heading there heads.

Boys Vanessa Hudgens Dated