Life has changed fast, so have our priorities. People have become more sensitive and have less patience. Things which were relevant a decade ago are less relevant now. Astrologer Pt Shiv Dutt Dave understands problems of the new, changed world and guides you accordingly. It is important to understand what you are not destined to achieve and avoid running after those things. Instead focus your efforts towards things that are achievable as per your astrological charts and that will bring you success and boost your confidence. After all, success makes one happy and content. Astrologer Pt Shiv Dutt Dave can guide you towards the right direction in your life and help see life through a correct set of lens. Thousands of people world over have benefited by his astrological guidance.

Introduction to Indian Vedic astrology

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MB Free Astrology Kundali Match Software is an effective and an advanced match making tool based on the principles of Vedic astrology. The program attempts to provide an effective analysis of your partners and yours inherent characteristics.

How to Match Two kundli for Marriage 10 Porutham Matching January 22, Among Hindus, we believe that marriage is not perfect until a matchmaking is done. This is particularly true in an arranged marriage and hence, a large section of the Hindu population gives precedence to Matchmaking before solemnizing a marriage. In such a scenario, there are two widely used methods of matchmaking in India.

One is the GunaMilan, which considers 36 points covering 8 Kootas aspects which are various aspects of life such as love, compatibility, longevity which in a weighted average method gives the rating for the marriage. This method is widely used in the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of India. The other famous method in astrology is that of Porutham.

How Match-Making in Vedic Astrology is done

You get a detailed life reading including Health, Career, Business, Success in all efforts, Failure in actions from your birth to your complete life span. If any remedial action is required to overcome problems or gain name, fame and prosperity, you can ask questions to Shastrishree Dr. Rupak Nath about your life and Shastrishree Dr. Rupak Nath will answer the same. Are you facing problems and are confused about your present or future? Ask your question and Shastrishree Dr.

Ketan Astrologer is Worlds Leading Famous Indian Is Dedicated Dynamic Experienced Astrologer. Currently Ketan Astrologer Is Giving His Services All Over The World. Astrologer Ketan Bhargav is a qualified proficient Vedic Astrologer prophet master in Horoscope Prediction and Match Making, Palmistry, Vastu, Karamkand Remedies.

As we know all such processes are based in astrological views only, its not happening in the sky, We just consider these steps while calculating our horoscope so that we can predict the nature and behavior of planets in normal life because our life is purely based on the planets and strength and weakness of the planets creating strong impact on our life, and like a retrogression motion of planets, combustion is also important concept and we can’t ignore it any how.

Anyway lets refer the solar map below so that you can understand this concept easily – I hope through above map you can understand as combustion is all about distance of the planets from Sun, As there is limitation for each planet and each planet live in limited distances from the Sun in the sky, However as we don’t care whats happening in the sky, and for us whats happening in our life does matter a lot for us hence our ancient sages and astrologers has given combustion theory.

Same thing happen with the Sun, If any planets which comes closer to the Sun gets burned and which is destroying the significance of the burning planets – However in Vedic astrology distance between two planets is been measured by the degree’s hence in ancient text there are certain degree has been described for combustion for specific planet – Moon: Moon is under 12 degrees from Sun considered as Combusted. Mars is under 17 degrees from Sun considered as Combusted.

Jupiter is under 11 degrees from the Sun considered as Combusted. Venus is under 10 degrees considered as Combusted. Saturn is under 15 degrees from the Sun considered as Combusted. However in modern world everyone including me is denying above parameters for combustion of any planet, because in modern time old parameters are not working accurately and even all practical experiences and live feedback’s from peoples are allowing all modern astrologers, not to trust on ancient written text books blindly.

So as per modern time and based on practical researches any planet gets start burning when its under 10 degree, and if planet is more closer to the sun like under 5 degree to 1 or less degree planet will be considered as burned or combusted. However there is one debate i have seen almost everywhere, which is about combustion of Mercury and Venus, because they both are the planets which are always too closed to the sun and quite used to with Sun heat, So can we put Mercury and Venus under combustion concept???

However combustion of Venus and Mercury is really a matter of debate, as when we see horoscope of successful peoples or celebrities where Venus and Mercury conjunct Sun then we easily saying that Mercury and Venus are combustion free, however trust me if you refer chart of lower class peoples then you will actually realize that they both planets are also not free from combustion and really fire has no friends.

Searching for Love Match? Vedic Astrology can help!

The effect of a Yoga, good or bad will manifest in one’s life the timing of which is determined by transits and, or planetary periods. The effect of yoga depends on several combined and interrelated factors. Sometimes a single planet is the cause of more than a one yoga and one of them could be malefic yoga and other a benefic yoga, this is because all planets except Sun and Moon owns two houses. For example, in case, of Mesha Lagna or Aries ascendant, the ninth house lord Jupiter is also the lord of malefic twelfth house.

Nadi: The Most Significant Match Making Factor Correct match blesses the couple with all the boons of a good marriage and healthy children, whereas a mismatch could lead to unhappy married life. Read this article to know more about the facts and myths associated with it.

Nov 19, Horoscope Or Kundali Matching: Kundali Matching holds so much importance in Hinduism, that it is almost essential to match the kundalis or horoscope of both the perspective bride and groom before tying the auspicious knots of an eternal bond of marriage. The importance of Janam kundali or birth chart matching lies in the fact that, it lets you know about the probable compatibility of both the individuals that they will share after marriage. These days online kundali matching is also done through online kundali making software.

In Hindu societies, especially in India, where arranged marriages are so common, kundali matching or online janam kundali milan through online kundali software is the most important factor taken into consideration while moving ahead with a marriage proposal. How it is done? Horoscope or Janam Kundali, if prepared with utmost precision and accurate reading can reflect the deepest truth, traits and characteristics of an individual.

All the aspects and traits negative, positive of the person can be known including the strengths and weaknesses as well. Janam Kundali can also be said as a mirror of an individual reflecting the whole life including the past, present and future.

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Education Horoscope Report If you want to know the ups and downs of your marital life or best or worst time of your marital life, then we could help you to over come your bad times and suggest you the remedies to over come the hurdles in getting married or to overcome the bickering in your married life. Know the best period for getting married. Ask for our Marriage Report, which will give you an update and provide you with facts of the future.

Know all about your Marriage, Romance. Love affairs and other related aspects of your life. Each and every possible question will be answered through our personalized report..

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Marriage is the sacred bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life. The factors which are considered at the time of marriage are: Guna Milan is based on the position of Moon in the Natal Charts of bride and groom. The eight Kootas are: It shows spiritual compatibility of boy and girl along with their ego levels.

It shows mutual attraction, control in marriage and also calculates the power equation in between married couples. It is related to birth star compatibility and destiny. There are 27 birth stars Nakshatra. It measures the intimacy level, sexual compatibility and mutual love between the couple.

Zodiac Signs and Astrology Signs Meanings and Characteristics

Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report Vedic Astrology Compatibility Report – Horoscope Matching Taking a partner for life is perhaps the most momentous decision and moment of our lives, and hence not one to be entered into lightly. It makes sense to rely on the knowledge of millennia and the age old wisdom of our sages. They had perfected the art of relying on Vedic Astrology to anticipate and prepare for important moments in every persons life.

Things are no different now.

MB Astrology Kundali Match Software is an effective and an advanced match making tool based on the principles of Vedic astrology. The program attempts to provide an effective analysis of your.

Well we believe that a right job gives you happiness ,that earns a good salary that can support your needs as well help you to have a quality life. Job prediction makes all the possibilities for getting a strong and consistent career. Well if you start following your dream but with time you have a change of mind, heart and wants to pursue a different role or path is a change That’s perfectly all right.

Based on your birth chart we help you to find that change which will get you money ,satisfaction and fame. Wants to start working again? There are many people who have left their working life, taken a sabbatical due to any reason but now Our excerpt astrologers will guide you to find that dream job no matter how long is the break.

Found out about akashvaani. I got my consultation from this website.

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But here what needy person getting in response some nonsense words after hearing anyone will rethink such as you have mangalik dosha, kaa-sarpa dosha, debilitated Jupiter , nadi dosh etc…… In reality mangalik dosh existence not there in real astrology for selling astrology it might be there. For more details go through below link: Matching in Astrology or Gun Milan in Astrology: Generally we think, if horoscope matching points coming more than 18 then match-making done, we are eligible for marriage, this is not true.

Marriage compatibility horoscope is not very straight forward task. Lot of factors need to see during horoscope matching.

Free porutham or kundali milan or vedic Match making or kundli match Tool.

It assists in further enhancing the compatibility with your co-worker and also your communication skills. If you are running a business then you always want it to flourish and to get a new high. Vedic Astrology tells you about the right time you have to start a venture so that your business will get an ultimate success.

Our accurate suggestions and predictions will help your business grow constantly. Astrology has a vital role in keeping your marriage problems at bay. This section provides detailed compatability report as per the gunas system. You can also consult us for other love partnership and frienship issues you are going through. So, what are you waiting for? Know our predictions and see what is there is store for you throughout the year.

Are you suffering from any problem of your life and are inquisitive about your future? If yes, then you can ask any question from us and get best suggestions against your problems. With the help of our suggestions, you can handle your problems effectively.

Match Making

We now serve average unique page views a day to visitors and registered members born in countries. Many thanks to our esteemed visitors and registered members. AKS Infotech’s Astrogyan offers comprehensive resources and complete solution to all by offering a wide range of features and options in exploring the Science of Indian Astrology.

Jyotish – Vedic Astrology, is a Nakshatra (constellation) based astrology. Everything in match making in based on the placement of “Nakshatra” for both parties at all times. Everything in match making in based on the placement of “Nakshatra” for both parties at all times.

But, one needs a lot of expertise and skill to interpret the relative strength of them and determine how effective they really are in astrological predictions. Yogas are formed when certain specific planetary combinations occur in a horoscope. These yogas may be benefic or malefic depending upon their placement in the chart. There are hundreds of yogas which are considered for the purpose of analysing a horoscope. In this article, Ruchaka Yoga of Hindu Astrology is explained which is benefic in nature and said to occur under the following circumstances: Since Mars represents physical power, this Yoga indicates bravery and physical strength.

Thus, a person born with Ruchaka Yoga has a strong physique and is successful in defeating his enemies. It has been observed that many warriors and sports person have Ruchaka Yoga in their charts. Further, a person having this Yoga will also be wealthy and long-lived. One thing that the readers of this blog should keep in mind is that the above-mentioned results of this yoga are general in nature.

It is very important to take into consideration other factors like the strength of the house and its lord, conjunctions, planets in that particular house and various aspects over it, before arriving at any conclusion.

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It also implies good fortune derived from employees; and if the horoscope on the whole predicts it, it confirms gain through an inheritance. Integration only comes to this individual through service. Must come out of his work and he would have been isolated through self-undoing in the past. Either enforced seclusion, or restrictions due to lack of compassion in the past, has made it easy to retreat this time. Fulfillment comes to this individual through serving others and losing the sense of separateness.

Humility, the last virtue to be attained, can be the keynote of his life if the individual is willing to serve others with no concern about the self.

Free Match Making Online! Match Finder based on Indian Vedic Astrology Match Making Compatibility Test using birth time and place. Vedic astrology uses the relative positions and movements of celestial objects for forecasting information about human affairs and fortunes.

Week for You Aries There may be some health issues but your immunity will be good enough to overcome these. Family life will be very good. Your partner will be supportive and understanding. Work life will be satisfying. Taurus There will be health issues. Your immunity will be low too but there will be some protection from any serious developments.

Family life will be very harmonious and energizing. There will be obstacles at work but you will have the energy to strive for success. Gemini Your immunity will be low but no major health threat is indicated. Take some care to shore up your immunity with good eating habits and rest. Family life will be comfortable; there will be socializing with friends and family. You may not be able to achieve anything significant at work. Cancer Your health will be good. You will have an edge over your competitors.

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