These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSurvivors of the quake have been sleeping in the open, as Jonathan Josephs reports At least 93 people have been reported dead after a magnitude 7. The quake happened at The US Geological Survey said it struck below the island of Bohol, where officials reported most casualties. People were also killed in the province of Cebu. Historic churches were among the many damaged buildings, and stampedes were reported in two cities. At least 69 of those confirmed dead were from Bohol, according to reports citing disaster management officials. Fifteen people are known to have been killed in Cebu, and another was reported dead on the neighbouring island of Siquijor. Dozens of others are also being treated for injuries.

Study Confirms Large Earthquakes along Olympic Mountain Faults

Reuters The Shroud of Turin is not old enough to be the burial cloth of Jesus, according to a radiocarbon dating done in , but a new study says neutron radiation from an ancient earthquake could have been responsible for an incorrect date. According to Alberto Carpinteri, from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy, a massive earthquake, measuring 8. The research was published in the journal Meccanica.

Watch video · The strongest earthquake to hit Mexico for decades left at least 58 dead and hundreds injured on Friday, after wreaking destruction on the country’s impoverished south and triggering tsunami.

Italy’s Civil Protection Department was at work on Tuesday morning in the affected towns to check for any further damage to homes or other buildings. Parts of the local railway were also temporarily closed on Tuesday while workers checked the railway line. More than ten aftershocks have followed the initial quake, including two with a magnitude of 3.

Muccia is in the central Marche region which was hit by a deadly earthquake in August and sustained further damage, though no more casualties, from a second series of tremors — the most powerful to strike the country in decades — two months later. The area affected on Tuesday morning was “activated at the end of October , between October 26th and, when some of the strongest seismic events occurred in the sequence”, according to the experts at Ingv, who said the quake was probably directly linked to those which took place in Those destructive tremors have been followed by thousands of aftershocks, causing concern for local residents, many of whom are still living in temporary accommodation after their homes were destroyed or left unsafe.

Tuesday’s largest tremor was still at a magnitude times lesser than the most serious earthquake in October The photo below was shared by a Muccia resident living in temporary emergency accommodation after the previous quakes, which however could apparently not withstand the morning’s tremors. More than half of the town’s residents are currently housed in emergency accommodation SAE , with only around locals living in homes considered habitable before Tuesday’s tremors.

According to INGV’s assessment, it is “fairly likely” that more tremors will follow.


By Erik Klemetti October 3, 8: The earthquake and tsunami that happened last week on Sulawesi in Indonesia has been more devastating than anyone expected. The number of deaths in and around Palu has topped 1, and aid has been slow to reach the survivors due to the damage to infrastructure in the area. It is still unclear exactly what triggered the tsunami that followed the M7. What is known is that this earthquake ruptured a long stretch of the island with displacement of over 5 meters along the strike-slip side by side fault see below.

Active Fault Mapping and Modeling in Bangladesh – Uploaded by CDMP Bangladesh Bangladesh has suffered severe damages from large earthquakes historically, viz., the earthquake, the earthquake, the earthquake, the Cachen earthquake .

Planet Earth Online Thu, 26 Aug But scientists have discovered that one commonly used shell can produce apparent dates thousands of years older than the event that exposed them. In AD a huge earthquake tilted the whole western end of the Greek island of Crete, exposing up to 10m of previously submerged land along the south and west coasts.

The event was well documented so we can be sure of its date. And it left exposed a ring, like a tide-mark, made from algae that concreted – or set – at sea level when the quake happened. The next ring down is at current sea level, so we know that this ground was lifted up in a single event. But when a team of scientists from the universities of Cambridge and Oxford dated the remains of two different creatures exposed by the quake they came out with widely differing results.

Here they compared the ratios of different carbon isotopes – different ‘weights’ of the same carbon element – found in creatures exposed by the quake. During their lifetimes animals absorb carbon from their surroundings. When they die, the radioactive carbon isotope begins to decay at a known rate, while the amount of the stable carbon isotope stays the same. By comparing the quantities of the two isotopes scientists can work out how many years ago a creature died, and therefore the date of the event that killed it.

The researchers used this method on two marine creatures exposed by the Cretan earthquake: The corals confirmed the documented date of the quake.

Earthquake Relief Where Haiti Wasn’t Broken

There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties. In parts of Tehran residents flooded into streets and parks, fearing a stronger aftershock. Reuters Afghan police officers take position during a blast and gun fire in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

Dating earthquakes In figuring out the history of the earth, geologists generallyuse pickaxes, hammers and mechanical equipment. Gordon Jacoby of the Lamont-Doherty Tree Ring Laboratory in .

Deadly quake hits Indonesia, destroys towns At least people were killed, including young children, and seriously injured, according to Indonesia’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Agency. Additional medical personnel have gone to the region after the Pidie Jaya hospital was damaged in the quake, which struck as residents were preparing for early morning prayers. We have to move so fast to save them,” Sutopo said.

Rescuers recover a body from the rubble of a collapsed building in Pidie Jaya. Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered immediate assistance to be sent to Aceh in the wake of the earthquake. In a statement, the International Organization for Migration said it had deployed two staff members to help coordinate assistance.

Virgin Mary statue ‘started crying and moved her hands’ after Mexican earthquake that left 343 dead

Roder , Michael J. Lawson , Edward J. Dolan , Lee J. McGill Published July , SCEC Contribution Although there has been significant advancement of OSL optically stimulated luminescence dating of quartz over the past decade, the luminescence characteristics of quartz grains in many tectonically active areas are not suitable for accurate age determinations. At the El Paso Peaks EPP trench site, a sequence of 24 OSL samples were collected from sandy units with a well-established radiocarbon record, providing the opportunity to assess different approaches and optimize our luminescence dating procedures.

The Earthquake Threat. Earthquakes pose a national challenge because more than million Americans live in areas of significant seismic risk across 39 states. Most of our Nation’s earthquake risk is concentrated on the West Coast of the United States.

Geologists from Western Washington University, Portland State University and the federal government this summer have discovered signs of strong earthquakes that struck the Pacific Northwest long before modern settlement. The evidence lies in trenches the scientists cut across fault lines in northwest Oregon and on the north Olympic Peninsula.

The Sadie Creek earthquake fault surfaces southwest of the small town of Joyce. WWU Professor Liz Schermer led two excavations that bisected the fault, scraped the trench walls clean and then looked for offset layers overlaid with landslide debris probably triggered by a quake. One of the trenches exposed evidence of five earthquakes over the past 15, years. The second trench had traces of three quakes in the past 8, to 9, years.

The Sadie Creek fault is one of dozens of crustal faults on land in the Pacific Northwest. A study trench reveals the earthquake history of the Sadie Creek fault southwest of Joyce, Wash. Geologists in the Northwest keep discovering more and more active shallow, crustal faults that deserve further investigation, thanks in large measure to an imaging technology called LIDAR. Still, relatively few faults have been trenched, Schermer said.

The researchers brought in a backhoe to dig the two Clallam County trenches, which are about 60 feet long, about six feet deep, and will be covered up again come October. The trenches are on partially-logged state forest land. Bureau of Reclamation researchers cut into the fault in one location while a Portland State University team hand-dug another trench about five feet deep in the Forest Grove watershed nearby. She said she hopes to bring in a backhoe once fire season ends to deepen her trench.

1906 + Today: The Earthquake Blend (Part II)

Rescue workers were struggling to reach isolated rural communities across the worst-hit states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, many of them tucked high in rugged mountains. The powerful quake damaged buildings as far away as Mexico City, where the iconic Angel of Independence swayed on its column and millions ran out of their homes amid intense tremors in the middle of the night.

It was also felt in much of Guatemala, where damage to buildings was reported.

Indonesia earthquake control tower hero sacrifices himself so plane can safely take-off saving ‘hundreds of lives’ Anthonius Gunawan Agung was the only worker left in the air traffic control tower.

The top floor of the White Corner bar, in Kos, fell on revellers Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Two tourists were killed when a nightclub collapsed around screaming revellers during a violent earthquake this morning. Scores of tourists and local residents fled as the White Corner Club, on the Greek island of Kos, crumbled around them.

Turkish national Sinan Kurdoglu, 39, died in the quake alongside a year-old Swedish man, who is yet to be identified. Greek authorities listed five seriously injured revellers who were flown to Crete by emergency services earlier today. Two Swedes, one Norwegian, a Greek man and a Greek woman, were all taken to hospital. One is reported to have suffered extensive leg injuries and all are thought to have been in the bar when the roof suddenly collapsed.

Maria Karagiannaki, who was working at the White Corner Club when disaster struck, told a Norwegian reporter: I am in shock. I still cannot imagine it. Emergency workers attend to a person injured on the Greek island of Kos Image: As a search and rescue unit from the Greek armed forces flew in to support citizens, pictures of families cowering under tables and huddled on sun loungers emerged. Buildings on Kos were damaged by the shockwaves, which prompted a small tsunami , flooding parts of the island.

Earthquake – Picking Up White Women

What are earthquake waves? Introduction Earthquake waves are seismic waves that are created when energy builds up in rocks and they fracture. Scientists estimate there are several million earthquakes each year.

We use 14 C dates, relative-dating tests at channel confluences, and stratigraphic correlation of turbidites to determine whether turbidites deposited in separate channel systems are correlative—triggered by a common event. In most cases, these tests can separate earthquake-triggered turbidity currents from other possible sources.

Feb 2, 5. A moderate earthquake measuring 5. Panic-stricken people ran out of their homes into open fields when the tremor was felt in the region around 7: There were no immediate reports of any major damage due to the earthquake, according to Seismological Centre of Nepal. Read more Sept 11, Earthquake resistant water tanks constructed. Three earthquake resistant drinking water tanks were constructed in different places of Kirtipur as disaster preparedness measures. Two of three the tanks were constructed on the premises of Tribhuvan University and Nepal Agriculture Research Centre and one in Kirtipur municipality-6, Dekhu.

2AM SECURITY CAMERA VIDEO – my cat predicted an earthquake